I hit 400 followers

So someone tell me what to write!

I live for Ren’s reaction to Nora hitting Weiss in the face with that pie.

This man has seen so much.

I’m one follower away from 400. Suppose I should do something to commemorate that or some such.

So, when I hit 400, I will take some writing requests and actually write something. That’ll be fun, right?

At least 1,000 words, too. Yeah.

I’ll accept prompts now, then pick one when numbah 400 comes in.


if u askin about my bra size u better be planning on takin ur ass down to Victoria’s Secret to buy me some nice bras

I have like half a dozen pictures of Krissy’s fucking cat on my phone and that’s how I know it’s real.


If women have done 1% of the monstrosities of men, men will make sure everyone knows about it. “people” do this, “people” do that, “its not just men!”

But if women do 99% of the great things that men do, men will make sure no one knows about it. They cut women’s history, they claim “men built everything you see” and if you mention the women involved you’re suddenly taking away from men’s achievements.

Gents of the Inquisition

#fuck you cullen



Fun new game: start on the Guy Fieri’s wikipedia page, and only by clicking links to other pages, reach the page on toilet roll holders. Reblog this post with the list of links you clicked and the person who does it in the fewest clicks gets a drawing of them and Guy Fieri’s fursona that I will design myself

I did it. Guy Fieri → The New York Times → newspaper → paper → toilet paper → toilet roll holders

If you can do it in under six moves then you win but until then it looks like it’s my lucky day and I get to draw MYSELF with Guy’s fursona

I edited the page to include a direct link to toilet roll holders.

Guy Fieri  toilet roll holders

One move.



Oh my goshhhh


Oh my goshhhh